Toy fair

The fair generally takes place every year on the first Saturday of the holiday pass (October 15, 2022)

The children must be at least 8 years old. As for all activities, you need to apply on our website (activity N ° 1).

The children come from 8:30 am to take possession of their table and set up their toys. Each child has a table and two chairs. They are responsible for their cash register and their change. They can either indicate the prices or not, depending on their willingness to bargain ...

The money earned belongs to the children, the holiday pass does not take any commission. However, do not hesitate to use our canteen (coffee, croissants, drinks and sandwiches), as the benefits will help finance the holiday pass too !

Are accepted: toys - CD's - books - games - clean plush toys - disguises and sportswear.

Are excluded: shoes and clothes.

The sale takes place from 9 am to 12 am. Out of respect for the buyers, it is not possible to leave the event earlier (the toy fair is advertised on other websites and some people travel long distances to visit it) !

Unsold toys that the child does not want to take back can be left in the specified corner on site. They benefit a humanitarian organization.

If there are still places available for the toy fair, we will leave a message on our homepage the week before. Children who do not take part in the holiday pass can then register by phone and participate for a small fee (10.00 Fr).