Questions about activities

Why some activities are possible only once in life?
Because these are more expensive or popular activities. This way, more people can participate.

If I choose several times the same activity on the same day, did I have more chance to have?
No, if you had not a business, it's because she's full, that you're not old enough or you already have a similar activity. Putting several times the same activity will change nothing.

If I choose several times the same activity on different days, do I have more chances to have?
Yes, because the program will see every day if it is available. On the other hand, you can't have if you're not old.

Are activities at risk?
Most dangerous activities are supervised by professionals. However, like any activity, accidents can happen. These are extremely rare and often stem from a non compliance by the child to safety.

What does the computer next to certain activities?
This means that the activity depends on the weather. We must look on the homepage of the site to see if it takes place. Careful, this isn't because it's nice that it necessarily takes place. Sometimes, there is too much or not enough wind or the ground is too wet.

Did I get a snack in the activities?
We are not in advance. If you want to be safe, you have to take your snack yourself.

Why the place of the activity is not mentioned in the brochure?
Because transport organized by the Passport-vacation and so we benefit from group rates.

Activity was on the flyer, but not on the brochure, why?
When we do the flyer, all activities are not yet finalized. In the meantime may that an activity does not for one reason or another.

Can I have several activities the same day?
The computer program will only give you an effected per day maximum. On the other hand, you can call the permanent reserve remaining seats, and you can get several activities on the same day as long as schedules are not too close together.

Why propose activities that may be controversial?
Because there's something for everyone. If you do not want your child to do a particular activity, simply do not register it.

Questions about carers

I would like to accompany an activity, how do?
If you want to support an activity with your child, simply fill out the part of the application form provided for this purpose. If you have a child or you do not necessarily want to accompany him, you can contact Brigitte Schilt 079 450 40 84 or Judith Frischknecht to 079 606 34 88

Are accompanying adults?
Yes, all carers are major. Sometimes, some companions help are minor, but they are not counted as companions.

How many are there of accompanying persons by activity?
It depends on the number of children, if there is a transport and the number of people needed to supervise children. During transport, there are at least two companions and there are on average one accompanying 5-6 children.

Carers get paid?
No, it is an entirely voluntary activity. The only reward of carers is to have a good time with the kids and discover, too, new things.