How to insert activity choices on the interactive website 

General information
Please refer to the tab "Participation" on this website!

Go to the interactive site and click on “enfants”. Enter your passport number and password that your parents received on their mobile phone after payment.

Personal data
First, you must check your personal data and complete it. Don’t forget to put the email address of your parents ! Some of the information will be sent using this means.

Twin Passport
On this same page, if you want to pair your passport with another child, must click on the following text: « Je souhaite associer mon passeport-vacances avec un autre enfant ». Then you enter "twin’s" Passport number and their password.  Please note that we can group a maximum of two children ! If you don't have the same age, activities will always be chosen based on the youngest age ! (For example, if you are 11 and 13 years old and you choose activities for 13-16 year old, neither of you will get them !)

Only one child will have to enter the choices on the computer: the program will copy them directly onto the twin’s form. So, choose together the same activities. Days without activities must also be the same. Note that the computer program will assign you the activity only if there are 2 free places; this may slightly decrease your chances of getting an activity.

For the little Passeport you can pair only between themselves, that means 6-7 years (2015 - 2016) !

Choose activities
For each day of presence, select 4 different activities that you would like to do. Take note that you will get only one per day. In the brochure, you have a detailed list of activities with times and meeting places. You can also click on the small "i" in front of the activity so that the same text can appear on the screen.
You can choose the same activity several times on different days, but it will only be awarded once during the Passport-Vacances.
If you have already obtained a very popular activity (RealFly, Karting, Lasergame, Vétérinaire, Canirando, Second World, Harley Davidson, Escapes games) do not re-register because you will not get it a second time.

Allocation of activities
Once all of the registrations are received (latest deadline 9 September 2022), the computer system will randomly assign activities, giving all participants the same chance of getting them.

Meeting places
Most of the meeting places are in Morges, but sometimes they can be in a neighboring village; check with your parents that it is possible to get there.

The Passport-Vacances is offered to children from 6 to 16 years old. For each activity, pay attention to the age: you will not be able to choose activities for which you are not old enough to participate (they will not be displayed on your screen !)

You will get a minimum of 6 activities for the 2 weeks of the Passport as long as your registration form is completely and correctly filled in. If not, your chances of getting activities decrease. But with more than 300 different activities, there is plenty to choose from!

You will receive your confirmation at the end of September. In addition, from Wednesday, October 12th you will be able to consult activities still having free places, using your code on the interactive site. To reserve one or more of these, please phone the office to complete your passport (see tab Participant’s info).